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Sewing Machine Service And Repair

The Standard Service Fee includes:

  • Taking apart the machine to clean and de-lint it
  • Oiling of all the appropriate points
  • Adjustment of your tensions
  • 4 Extra Standard Adjustments
  • Stitch out to ensure proper function

What does this mean?  Sometimes a Standard service will take care of whatever problem you are currently experiencing with your machine.  But sometimes extra work and/or parts are required to get your machine in good working order.  These parts and services will mean an extra charge. 

  We require a deposit to be paid when the machine is dropped off.  Don't worry, this money will be applied to your final bill.  The amount of the deposit depends on the type of machine.  Basically, the amount of the deposit is exactly the amount of the bench fee for any type of machine, which can be seen below in the Service Charges table.


Standard Allowance: $35.00

  If your service is going to be more than the standard service fee plus the standard allowance, then we will give you a call with an estimate.  For example, if you drop off an electronic sewing machine, you would be agreeing to pay up to $130 before we would have to call and give an estimate first.  This does not mean that every repair will need extra things, but we have the allowance to make everything work more efficiently, ensuring that we don't have to call and aggravate the customer for minor extras.  

What does the process look like?

We have a few different options available.  They are as follows:
  • Walk-in Drop off
    • This option is the standard way.  Essentially we will put your machine in line, and when we get down to it we will get it on the bench to either service the machine or evaluate it for an estimate if required.
  • Call Ahead Drop off
    • This option is similar to the Walk-in, the only difference is that you can call us and ask us to put your machine in line before you bring it in.  Basically, we will tell you an approximate wait time, and you can bring your machine in at your convenience before this quoted date.   We will not be calling people to give reminders, this is in order to be as efficient as possible.  This option is great for people who don't have a problem with their machine, and would like to continue to use it while they wait.  This date is NOT a guaranteed completion date, only an estimate.  If you don't have your machine in to us before your time is up in line, we have a 2 week grace period before removing you from the Queue. 
  • Same Day Scheduled Service
    • This method is great for people who live a long distance away and would like to have their service completed on the day that they bring the machine in.  Obviously if we need to order parts or complete extensive repairs then we may not be able to complete it in one day, but we will do our very best.  When you call in to ask for a "Same Day" service, we will schedule you a day that is at least 1 week after our current estimated lead time.  While this means that the service takes at least 1 week longer, it is nice for those who maintain a rigid schedule and want a precise date. 
  • Off-Site Service
    • We do offer off-site services for both homes and businesses.  We charge $150 plus $1 per mile traveled for the trip, in addition to service charges.  If your machine has an advantage plan or other free service agreement, you would only be responsible for the trip fee and mileage.  Due to high demand for service, we can only accommodate so many in home services per month.  In general, in-store services have a much quicker turn around time than off-site.
  • Expedited Service
    • We can expedite service on any machine that you bought from us.  We cannot offer this to machines purchased other places in fairness to our customers.  The rush fee is $3 per machine skipped, or a minimum of $30.  This fee is in addition to your service fees.

What machines can we work on?

We can work on most brands out there, with some exception. If we cannot get parts, support, or if we are not qualified to work on them, I have listed below. This list is not exhaustive, please consult a technician if you are in question, especially if the machine is a model of a brand we don’t sell.  

The following list is machines we cannot service. 

  •        Electronic Bernina
  •        Electronic Pfaff
  •        Electronic Viking
  •        Electronic Husqvarna
  •        Baileys Home Quilting Machines
  •        Tin Lizzie Quilting Machines
  •        Janome MB7 Multi-Needle
  •        Commercial Embroidery, such as Tajima.
  •        Some specialty Industrial machines

Bringing In Your Machine

So you are ready to bring one to us?

Here is a checklist of things to bring:

  • The Machine itself (If its in a cabinet, please remove from the cabinet.  Call if you need help removing it.)
  • Money for a deposit
  • The power cord
  • Foot Controller (if applicable)
  • Standard Universal Zig-Zag foot
  • Embroidery foot (If applicable)
  • Embroidery Unit (If applicable)
  • Small Embroidery Hoop (If applicable)
  • Any other accessory that we need to operate the machine
  • Sample of what the machine is doing (If you have one)

We will get your machine checked in, tagged with your information, and we will get your machine back to you as soon as we can!

Service Charges

**If you deny an estimate, the bench fee will still apply.**

Machine TypeDeposit (Bench Fee)Standard Service Fee
Basic Sewing Machine $30 $119
High End Sewing Machine $45 $179
Basic Serger/Cover Stitch $30 $119
8- Thread Serger $50 $199
Baby Lock Sashiko $40 $169
Longarm/Commercial Machine $50 $199
Pro-Stitcher Repair $50 $50 / hr
Domestic Embroidery Machine $45 $179
Multi-Needle/Pro Single Embroidery $75 $299
(Baby Lock / Brother)    



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NOTE: It is not recommended that you use this address for GPS. You will end up at a local farm house about 3/4 of a mile away from us. For better results, type "Thomas Sewing Center" into Google Maps or Apple Maps.

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