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Quilting Services

Thank you for your interest in our machine quilting. We endeavor to maintain a high standard of workmanship at reasonable prices.

All quilts are done on a first-come-first-serve basis.   However, we do offer a “Rush” service, where we charge $1.00 per quilt that is skipped.   The minimum charge for this service is $10, so for example, if there are only 5 quilts ahead of yours, it will still be $10.

We take special pride in keeping our linings/backings free of pleats. The completed quilt will be as free of pleats as YOUR piecing will allow. We cannot quilt out wrinkles, fullness, or tightness that has been pieced in the top. We try very hard to ease in any fullness in your top. However, in some instances, pleats must be taken in the quilt top; the fullness must go somewhere.

Be sure to give full instructions for every quilt. We have a large selection of variegated and solid colored threads, a variety of patterns, and colors of bindings. Our binding machine allows for square or rounded corners. Other bindings are available at reasonable prices.

We carry white and off white-linings, in 100% cotton and poly blends. Our charge for altering your lining or creating your lining to make it fit, begins at $10.00. We will be happy to seam or alter your lining to make it fit your top with prices beginning at $10.00, depending upon the size of your quilt. If you have a sheet that you want us to use for your lining, you need to remove all hems, wash, and press the sheet.  If you do not remove the hems, there will be a charge to remove them. We ask that you pre wash yardage, and, if you sew it together, you need to remove the selvage edge before you sew. We ask that you do not baste or pin your top, filling, and lining together.

Quilting Prices

Quilting Type Price per Square Inch
Large Stipple .8¢
Medium Stipple .9¢
Small Stipple 1.5¢
Robot Patterns - Large Patterns 1.5¢
Robot Patterns - Denser Patterns

Material Prices

Material Price per Inch off the Roll
Regular Lining 20¢
100% Cotton Lining 38¢
Thin Batting (Polyester) 24¢
Puffy Batting (Polyester) 27¢


**Note, some materials are subject to size restrictions, in which case there may need to be a substitute material used, which may mean an extra charge**

Thomas Sewing Center

2027 1/2 Ashland Rd., Greenup, KY
(606) 473-3540
Hours of Operation

Monday - 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
Tuesday - Saturday - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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